Appledore Songs & Sayings

This was recently discovered in an old edition of the Bideford Gazette

All together everyone!


O Appledore, sweet Appledore!
Green meadows shelving to the shore
A sea of blue that heroes knew
In those proud days of yore.
O Appledore, sweet Appledore!
Who has not heard that name before?
And sung thy praise in ancient days,
Three hundred years and more!

O Appledore, sweet Appledore!
Who heard the ancient canon roar?
That roar again, the power of Spain -
Which nothing could restore!

Ah! While I sing, sweet Appledore!
There comes a vision as before
For Drake's sake, the soul of Drake -
To fight for us once more!

O Appledore, sweet Appledore
Thy waves still breast the golden shore,
Thy men of old were ever bold -
Sweet Appledore sweet Appledore