AHS Newsletter 2012

Post date: Oct 28, 2012 12:40:49 PM

Thank you to all the people that have shown an interest in AHS over the past few years, we have had messages from all over the world, some have been from those who lived in Appledore many years ago or who have visited at one time or another and fallen in love with this lovely Village (that was once a town) and it's rich history.

Our History group still continues to meet on the second Wednesday of each month, our aim as many of you know is to record our memories, and that of our parents and grandparents, which has been passed on to our members over the years. Unfortunately we lost two of our most treasured members, Roy Cann whose Maritime knowledge was second to none and Val Curtis, who was a member of a long Appledore family, and whose memory of life as a child here in Appledore was so full of amusing anecdotes - which of course caused much laughter at many of our meetings - they are both sorely missed.

It seems more important than ever now, as our Village is turning from being a working Village to a huge tourist attraction, that the way Appledore used to be is kept on record for those that come after. Things are changing here so rapidly that soon it will not be recognizable as the Town it was 100 years ago, or even how it was when we were growing up here.

It was a very sad day when our Dockyard closed down. It is now up and working again though with a greatly reduced workforce, but there is always the chance that it may grow once again to its formal glory.

Something new for Appledore is a Gig Regatta which is to be held on June 18th. We are expecting the delivery of our own Gig at the end of March. We already have our crew eager and waiting to start practising on our river Torridge. We now jump forward to 2012 when we lost another member of our group Shirley Hocking, Shirley had been our local Milk Lady for over 60 years and was very sadly missed. She was a very valued member of our History Group as her job over the years had brought her in contact with many Appledorians and she had recounted many of their memories to our members at our meetings.

2014 Our Dockyard is now doing a lot better we have just built and completed a ship for the Irish Navy and they have now ordered another two ships. The great thing about this order is that we are building the whole ship from start to finish, something we have not done for four years, we have been building the hull and she has then gone on to be fitted out at Plymouth.