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A very warm welcome to the Appledore Historical Society.

The Appledore Historical Society (AHS) was formed during the Autumn of 1995 and is an ongoing and evolving Village Society. We hope our site shows you a little of what we are about and share the wealth of Appledore history.

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We hope you enjoy your visit!So lets get started with some interesting facts about Appledore!

  • The main Quay of Appledore is not the original Quay, it was West Quay on Irsha Street.
  • Appledore has had 5 Quays, Benson Quay, New Quay, Narrow Quay, New Quay, West Quay.
  • The present main Quay has been altered and extended 3 times... and still not finished!
  • The Chanters Folly appears in the poster for Shell 'You can be sure of Shell'.

So in 875 the story begins.....see Appledore Timeline for the overview of History.

New information is being added all the time so check back soon!